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My six makeup essentials.

24 October 2011

These six products are my 'every day' essentials that I couldn't live without! 

001: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation, I feel that this foundation is perfect with my skin firstly it is a perfect match for my pale complexion (Shade Ivory 010) not only this but it has a great coverage hiding away my blemishes such as my dark eyes, blackheads and redness of my skin. The one down side I find with the foundation is it leaves my skink looking quite shinny and greasy, this is where my next product comes in.
002: M.A.C Studion Fix pressed powder in NW20,  I think this is the best powder I have ever used I think i've tried a fair few before this and during the time i've had this and i've not yet found one to live up to it. Its easy to apply as it goes on so smoothly and evenly, I use this on top of my liquid foundation adding to the coverage of blemishes but this even manages to cover up my freckles in the summer. I think this makes my complexion look fantastic, it gets rid of the shinny look my liquid foundation gives but does not make my skin look dry and dull. This is probably one product I will never stop using- Unless I find something better of course.
003:Blusher by Barry M in Pink Orchid, I think that this blusher is amazing the colour comes out bright and strong but is not to overpowering i've found it very hard to find a blusher that has a colour as strong as this and is not to expensive. This blusher is about £3.50 and I think this is fantastic value for a product like this, I use a big blusher brush to apply this as the little one you get with it doesn't work well with the product, I think the one downside to this is that it has to be applied a few times throughout the day as the colour fades but oh well, for this price you cant go wrong!
004: Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner in black, I use liquid eye liner on a daily bases and I find that this one is so simple and easy- it has a very small brush making it east to draw fine lines and get right in to the corner of your eye and if like me you have flicks it ables you to make them more precise. Not only this but the colour is bold and does not flake or come out patchy like other liners i've used before. The best thing about this eye liner is it lasts all day and rarely needs touching up!
005:Bourjois Volume Glamour Macara in black, for someone like me who's eyelashes are basically non-igsistaente in both length and thickness this mascara is fantastic i've tried a lot of mascaras that both lengthens and thickens my lashes up and I think this one does it! After a few coats my lashes look 10x better than before hand and do not clump at all!
006: Maybelline Super Stay 24hr in Red Passion 510, I tend to wear red lipstick almost everyday and hate how quick they fade and smudge- defiantly one of my pet hates! Now this on the other hand is a total life save, it really is super stay my lips stay the bright red colour all day long until i scrub, and i really do mean scrub it off in the shower that night. The one downside is you have to keep applying the lip balm so that the lip colour doesn't crack but it also leaves your lips super soft!
007: This is not a 'make up essential' but I felt i need to put this in as an extra i got these Modles Own tweezers free by collecting tokens in Fabulous magazine and I think they are brilliant, they are a nice size and shape and get even the smallest of hairs! I get my eyebrows waxed every few weeks but have to tidy them up in the middle as I cant stand messy eyebrows! 

This sums up my makeup essentials, all of the products are an affordable price and are all in my opinion well worth the money! What do you think, what are your favorite products?

Paige xo