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Benefit ERASE paste.

26 February 2012

For quite a while now i've wanted to try Benefit's erase paste as i've been after a good concealer for some time now. I didn't get around to buying the full size (4.40g) at £19.50 however i got a sample size in the 'Finding Mr. Bright' benefit set along with some other goodies. 

The concealer has quite a thick and creamy consistency to it, this is both good and bad due to the thickness it really does cover up blemishes and makes spots almost disappear however it does tend to creese around the eyes (where i felt it concealed the best) however this is hardly noticeable if a powder is worn over the top.

The shade of my erase past it no. 2 medium however I think if I was to get this again I could do with a lighter shade, but once blended in and used in conjunction with my powder it looks fine. To apply the product I use a concealer brush as its quite hard to get it out with your fingers if you have false nails on! Then i blend in with my fingers as i find that works best for me. The product does wonder for dark and tired eyes as it really makes you look more awake and it lasts all day, it hid spots too but like other concealers this doesn't last for long.

Over all I think the product is fantastic, it lasts most of the day and hides tired eyes, redness, uneven skin tones and most blemishes. I think that this is one of my new favorite products and I highly recommend this. 

Paige xo

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