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Benifit They're Real Mascara Review

20 March 2012

Another quick makeup review to waste a little time until I get my tripod back and can start doing some outfits posts! It was recently my birthday and I was gifted this from my boyfriends little sister and I was quite impressed with her choice and the product! 

First of all I think the packaging is quite cute its simple yet stands out in my makeup bag I think that this is mainly to do with the different fonts that are used on it! The product itself is quite impressive It has a plastic wand, unusually for me I liked this I tend to like big fat soft wand as I have found that they work best for me. This wand works well to separate lashes so that you don't end up looking like you only have five eyelashes but it still thickens each lash without clumping. At the end of the brush there is a small section that is used to lengthen lashes (I think that the wand itself does a good enough job of this) I found that this just ends up clumping them together so I tend to use this for my lover lashes where it works wonders! Overall I'm very please with this mascara and when it does run out I will defiantly buy it for myself.  (£18.50)

Paige XO

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