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Friday five- Perfume.

23 March 2012

Just a quick post of my five favorite perfumes at the moment, I found it quite hard to pick just five at the moment I have quite a large selection that I really like! 

1- Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This is probably my favorite everyday perfume I think it smells gorgeous, and tends to last all day on me plus it has a beautiful bottle!

2- Daisy Eau so fresh by Marc Jacobs. Like daisy this is a great every day fragrance and if you like Daisy I think you'll love this. Its a fresh floral smell and it just reminds me of summer.

3- Alien by Thierry Mugler. This is my all time favorite perfume, its one of the ones that i'll always have a bottle of, the sent is quite origanle and not to everyones taste however I love it and it lasts all day and night!

4- Love struck by Vera Wang. I love all of the editions of princess so as soon as I saw this come out I had to have it! Plus Leighton Meester was on the advert so I had to have it, this is quite fruity and flowery but it does were off quite quick thats its only bad point!

5- Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs. As you can see I really like my Marc Jacobs fragrances! This is my most recent edition and I love its strong floral smell and once again the bottle is beautiful!

Paige XO

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