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Sunny Delight.

26 March 2012

I finally have my tripod back however i have now faced a bigger problem- my bedroom. Its far to small to do outfit posts, it will have to make do until I find a better place to take my photos! This is my first outfit post so its not perfect so be nice!

When I woke up for college today I looked out the window and saw how delightful the weather was and decided upon this!
Not the most flattering photo, I did take a few and this was the only one that was slightly acceptable!
This playsuit is from Matalan and I love it its so flattering and the pattern is so cute and summery! Its also a halter neck and I think thats quite cute! I wore this was a pair of peach ballet pumps and a peach cardigan as it got a little chilly throughout the day! I promise that my outfit posts will be more detailed and better soon!

Paige XO

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