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What to wear...

20 March 2012

I hate it when you have somewhere to go and have no idea what to wear! I'm not attending some glamorous event that I need a ball gown for but still! Next Saturday is my boyfriends 18th birthday and were going out for dinner with his family and i've narrowed it down to three dresses that i'm looking at buying! ps. Its not a fancy restaurant either!

All three of these dresses are from www.boohoo.com and are all £20, so are all at a reasonable price too! I'm edging towards the second one! Who can resist a peter pan color after all! Another outfit dilemma but for this week, on Friday i'm going to see Enter Shikari with a few friends and have no idea what to wear! I'm thinking a black dress, black tights and my floral dm's!

X0 Paige


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  2. The last dress is so cute! I think it'll be perfect for any day!

  3. i love the first dress. so cute <3
    nice idea for a post.
    kisses to you
    maren anita

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  4. i think also that the second dress would be the best choice. boohoo has so many nice pieces for such a nice price. :)
    really nice blog you have here, dear :)



  5. i think the second one looks the cutest :)


  6. I ended up going for the second dress, but might have to get others too!

    thanks for your help!


  7. i love your blog! <3
    follw me?