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Wish List #1

19 March 2012

My first ever wish list, that is not very neat as my new mac does not have Photoshop yet and I had to use an online version of 'paint'. First of all this 'oversized' denim jack from topshop, i've wanted a denim jacket for so long now but can only find those annoying mid length ones so this one at only £40 may do the trick! Secondly this beautiful Mulberry bag, every time I see this it makes me smile its just magnificent  however its a bit out of my price range but when I can I will definitely add it to my very small Mulberry collection, I saw this dress online at topshop and it just looks perfect for me, so hopefully it looks just as nice in the shop! I'm also in love with the range of small pastel watches on ASOS I do love my current Michael Kors watch but this would great to wear in the summer and its only £18! Oh and finally whats on every girls wish list a pair black patent louboutins, I had a dream about these last night and thats why there in my post however they will be on my wish list forever!

Paige XO

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