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Wish list #2

29 March 2012

1. For a while now i've been thinking about getting my self a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. However I'm scared they wont suit me, so rather than spending that much on a real pair i think i'm going to get myself a pair of these and if I like i'll get the real ones!

2. I really love the cut of skater dresses as I think they suit my figure best and I love lace dresses, I actually own five already! However I do not own a pastel coloured one yet, so that needs to be added to my collection! 

3. I need a new purse as mine is falling to pieces and for the past few days i've been telling myself that £300 is far to expensive for a purse but its so pretty and I do love Mulberry! Should I go for it or not?

4. I saw this blouse in store the other day and wasn't sure on it, until I saw the back and how cute it was! So I think I may have to get it plus its quite summery. 

5. I need a new clutch bag and i'm in love with this one! As you can tell i'm really loving my pastel colours at the moment- who isn't! Plus its reduced by £4. It would be rude not to right?

6. I really love these shorts, in every colour and i'm so tempted to get them! However i'm not sure they would suit me so I think that i'll have to try them on first!


  1. Those shorts<3
    where are they from? xx

    1. It does have a link straight to them, but there from Topshop! :)


    2. Oh yeah haha! Thanks xx

  2. The clutch bag is superrrrr hot! Love the colour lots

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.