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nspa review.

04 April 2012

When I was in asda yesterday these products caught my eye, the nspa Deep Cleaning Face Wash-£3.50 and the Hot Cloth Polish- £5.00. As they were both so cheap I thought that I would give them a try before I buy the Liz Earle versions! I've only used the products twice but i'm really impressed with them.

The face wash is a white foam that you need two pumps off to clean your whole face well, after I had done this my skin felt instantly softer and smoother and it removed all traces of make up. I used this in the shower so it only took a few minuets.

The hot cloth polish is a very thick cream I used two pumps of this and it went all over my face and was quite thick. It was kind of like having a face mask on, with this you just simply rub it in and wipe off with the cloth thats been soaked in warm water. After doing this my skin was much softer than normal, and any dry patches that I had before had vanished, my pores were visibly better. Overall my skin felt fantastic and at only £5 I would recommend this product to anybody!  

Paige XO

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