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Percy&Reed Totally TLC Hydrating hair mask- Review

01 April 2012

Like a lot of other bloggers I picked up my copy of Glamour this month and received this with it, the timing was perfect too! Recently my hairs been very dry at the ends. this is unusual for me as I condition my hair well, use hair masks and get regular hair cuts!  My first impression of the product was how cute yet  simple the packaging was, this made me like it straight away.

I've used the project twice since having it, the product is quite thick but it goes a long way, when using it I did use a generous amount so that it covered all of my hair but mainly concentrating on the ends as they are my problem area. I did cheat and not put a towel over my hair as i'm always rushing! However after leaving it on for five minuets whilst in the shower I noticed instant results! My hair has been so much softer and has staid this way! I would 100%buy this product as I was so happy with it!

Paige X0

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  1. I love Magazine freeeeeebiessss!!!! I'm glad you liked the product! I'll keep an eye out for it! xxx