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Wish List #3

11 April 2012

Sorry i've not posted in a while, i've been busy at college (even though its the easter holidays!) and work, i've go the next few days off though so I should be back to normal posts! This is just a small post to keep me going! 

1. I've been looking at getting a mac book for a while now and i will hopefully be getting it within the next few weeks! I'll be getting it from tesco as i'll get 10% off so i'll be saving just under £100!!

2. I really love this shirt from H&M, I don't tend to shop in there unless I see something I really like, I just like the cut and pattern of this. Typical H&M they also do it in a t-shirt, dress, vest top and dress.

3. This dress is the perfect colour for this season plus I really like the cut of it as I think it would compliment my figure, so this is a must have for me!

4. I've seen a lot of good things about this highlighter from the topshop make-up, i've used a few things from there and like them so this will be my next buy.

5. I love red lipstick and tend to wear a lip stain so that it stays on all day, however that has been really drying  my lips out so i'm thinking of getting this to try!

6. This little shirt is so cute and summery, i love the colour of it and the little bow is such a nice touch!

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