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Benefit Blush Review.

20 May 2012

For quite some time now I've wanted to get myself a benefit blusher and I always end up talking my self out of it, but it was pay day last week and I decided to treat myself... Twice! Woopsie. I went in to my local Debenhams and went to the Benefit counter where I purcahsed Coralista after spending a good 10 minuets debating between this and Bella Bamba, I had £5 on my beauty card as well, so it was only £18.50, I went home and tried this and loved it so I just had to order Bella Bamba too!


Firstly I both love and hate the packaging, I love it because its so bright and pretty and it really stands out to all my other blushers! it also has a mirror which comes in handy because you don't have to search around your bag for one when on the go. However I dropped my makeup bag and the Coralista one smashed, I was not happy. It also comes with a small blusher brush but like most people I don't tend to use this as I find the brush a weird shape and it tends to put the blusher on in a thick straight line. However the one down side about the packaging is its quite big and bulky for a blusher so its hard to take out unless you tend to take your whole make up bag out with you!

This is both of the blushers next to each other Coralista is on the right with Bella Bamba next to it, as you can clearly see Coralista is quite a peachy colour,  however its not very bright when its on my face it doesn't tend to stand out that well compared to my normal blushers so I have to put quite a bit on it. Other than that I love the colour as its quite natural but still brightens up my face and also gives it a nice shimmer. As for Bella Bamba this is much brighter and very pink, this is what I like in a blusher it also has quite a lot of shimmer in it but I think that this works well with the blusher, this one is the total opposite as I have to put a very small amount on otherwise it looks like i've got far to over the top with it! Over all I think that both blushes are value for money as they are very well pigmented and give you a great colour and last all day so you don't have to worry about topping up, and from what i've heard the last quite a while to so its worth parting with the money. In my opinion i'm a bigger fan of Bella Bamba but just because I like my blushers quite a bright pink, I think that my next purchase is going to be Hervana! What about you guys, have you tried any of the Benefit Blushers and what did you think?

Paige XO


  1. Bella Bamba is one of my favourite blushes - it's so pretty! Great post :)
    Natalie xx

  2. The bella bamba one looks beautiful! x