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Collection 2000 Gel Eye Liner Review.

30 May 2012

I've been wanting to try a gel eyeliner for so long now but i've not had a chance really, but I got this in my May Glossybox so I was quite happy to be able to finally try one- Sorry for the used product I was just so eager to try it!

 As you can see the pot comes with a little brush for you to apply it with, I found that using the brush was so easy making the application of eyeliner so neat and straight it was easy to get a thick line as the brush is quite thick however getting a neat thin line takes quite a steady hand. I have my eyeliner quite thick I suppose with a flick at the end, this was so easy to build up to your desired size and its also very well pigmented meaning the black was very bold, and it doesn't smudge at all!

After using it a few times the brush began to harden but once washing it under a hot tap it was fine again, thats the only downside I found with the product. I'm awful at taking photographs of my eyes so i'm hoping to take a photo of my daily make-up to give you an idea of what this looks like tomorrow, and I can then show off my new Benefit foundation that I reviewed a few days ago! This product is defiantly worth a try at only £4.99

Paige XO

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