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Lasenza Buys

29 May 2012

My local Lasenza unfortunately shut down a while ago however on Sunday I was in Oxford Street and went into the Lasenza there where I couldn't believe the deals that were on in there, ANY bra in the shop were on an offer for two for £20, I thought this was amazing for the quality of the bras from the shop, and then all the underwear was buy one get one free! So as you can imagine I had to pick up a few things plus  I can never resist buying new underwear I don't know why I just can't!

The Top set was the most expensive, The bra was £26 and the bottoms were £12, the bottom set the bra was £20 and the bottoms were £8. So the top bra that was £26 was cheaper when I brought two, the whole set lot ended up costing just £32. I thought that it was fantastic value as both sets are super cute and are both of great quality.

 When you look at all the small details such as the little bows and hearts I think it just puts it all together well, and shows how nice it is! So if you get a chance to get the deal before it finishes you should!

Paige XO


  1. Sorry to dissapoint but I think I found a better deal!

    I recently bought that dark pink bra for £5.00 in my la senza, plus all briefs were buy one get one free! But still, a brilliant find and I hope you enjoy the underwear.. if that's possible haah
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  2. Oh did you!!! Lucky!
    I don't have a local store so I had to go to London, its so cheap in there now