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Wish List #4

20 May 2012

1. I don't know what it is about pyjamas but I love them, theres nothing better than putting on a new pair and these one from topshop are just so cute and wonderful. I actually saw a pair with a pug in glasses on in my local store and wanted to share those but I can't find them on the internet so these will have to do!

2. I'm sure you all know that Chloe Green's shoe collection hit Topshop a few days ago and these are my 
favourite ones, however at £115 I would rather but the Jeffrey Campbell ones I want!

3. Recently all i've done is look at holidays and think about them, and attempt to persuade my boyfriend to go on one with me- not an easy task! So i looked around at swimwear and as i'm not comfortable in how I look I think I would go for high wasted bikini's to cover up my hips and this is one of the best i've seen. If you've seen any more please let me know as i'm on the hunt for a few nice ones!

4This American Print Bralet is so cute! Its just perfect for the summer, I think that I would team it up with a plain coloured high wasted skirt and then put a chiffon blouse over the top so that you could still see it and I would still feel comfortable! 

5. This is probably the sweetest blouse i've ever seen, the light pink colour is so cute and then the pattern on it! Look at all those cakes and what not, its another perfect item for the summer wardrobe!

6. Last but not least the Jeffrey Campbell beauties from Office, like I said before similar to the CJG Topshop ones but better, They also come in blue too! These are only £120 plus with student discount it would be rude not to!

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