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Benefit Brow Bar Reveiw

01 June 2012

Last week I went to the Benefit Brow bar to get my eyebrows tinted and waxed, I also have my eyebrows waxed but I had never had them tinted before hand, this was also my first trip to the benefit brow bar. To have the two done it came to about £16.00 but I went during the 10% off period, I think its normally about £19- however I think it varies to where you live! Unfortunately I didn't take a before picture, silly me so you'll just have to trust what I say!

This is the finished product, however i have still penciled my brows 
in slightly to make them more defined.

Firstly the service was amazing, the staff were so chatty and helpful, this made the experience so much better. The tint took about two minuets- however this was the one downside I could hardly notice a difference so I think if I was to have it done again I would get a darker tint or just not bother with a tint at all. However the wax on the other hand was fantastic my eyebrows were a perfect shape and exactly what I asked for, the waxing took about five minuets this included her having to pluck the small hairs that the wax didn't catch. Over all I thought it was a great experience and the price was fantastic so i'll defiantly go back again just to get my brows waxed you get a reward card too! After seven brow waxes you get the eighth one for free!

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