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Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

25 June 2012

Ever since I can remember I've always struggled with black heads on my nose, the rest of my face tends to stay blemish free other than the odd spot. However no matter what cream, mask, lotion or scrub i've used i've not been able to get rid of them. Until now!

I picked these up today in Superdrug for £5, the normal price is £7 so I thought i might as well try them and I'm glad I did, you get six strips in a pack and are recommended to use them once every three days so I think its worth the money. I've only used one strip that I left on for 15minuets, and you could instantly see and feel the results my blackheads were reduced by at least 70%! I would most defiantly recommend this product!

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