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Wish List #5

17 June 2012

First of all I just wanted to say sorry for my lack of posts recently but it's unfortunately been exam season, however it was my last exam on Friday so i've got lots of free time waiting for results day to come! So as of tomorrow i'll be back with some more freuqrent and interesting posts. For now its just a quick wish list! I doubt i'll get much of this as i've been on a bit of a spending spree lately and i'm going out tomorrow and off to Brighton next week to celebrate finishing college! I hope you're all well.

1. I'm sure you've all seen the Zara studded collar shirt thats sold out and currently on ebay for about £60, well as  most of you I'm in love with it and found this cheaper version on ebay. I really want this to team with a plain black skater skirt.

2. When I saw this dress I instantly fell in love with it, its so cute and summery and the back of it is even cutter. 

3. I've wanted to try the Porefesonal for such a long time but I've just not gotten around to buying it, so when the tester was in Glamour magazine I had to try it and now I just have to buy it, its the best primer that i've ever tried and I would recommend it to anyone, I'll hopefully do a full review on it some point this week.

4. Another dress! This is slightly more dressy though, you may have seen it in the bigger Topshops like me- however its not sold out in the black so I think i'll have to order it on here before it sells out for good! However I do want one in every colour! 

5. Another Zara look a like that i'm sure you've all seen, I just want one of these as it will go with everything and will also fit everything in and its quite cheap.

6. I've wanted a denim jacket for so long now but can never find one i like, but I saw this one in topshop recently and I quite like it, its not full length but is longer than the really short ones- I don't really like them.

7. I really want to try some of the lip butters i've seen a lot of reviews on them and I think all the colours are so pretty so I think i'll have to pick one up next time i'm in boots!

Paige xo

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