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17 Instant Glow Pink Bronze Shimmer Brick Review

23 July 2012

When I was in boots last week I saw this and thought I would try it, I never ever wear bronzer as i'm so pale I just look silly however I tend to wear light pink blushers and highlighter on top of them and this looked like the perfect in-between solution so for £4.99 I thought I would give it a try.

As you can see the product is made up of different shades of bronze that graduate towards shimmery pinks, I apply this like a normal blusher however you do have to put a lot on to notice it, thats one downside to the product but for £5 I don't think this is a huge problem, the colour it comes out is absolutely gorgeous as you can see its a pinky brown shad that has a fair amount of shimmer to it, it just highlights your cheeks so well, i'll be featuring this in a face of the day soon so you'll get to see how it works on my pale skin tone!  

I think that this is a perfect bronzer for someone with fair skin to use as its not to over the top and for the price I would highly recommend it!

Paige xoxo

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