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Crest Classic White Strips

22 July 2012

Just a super quick post, I ordered the Crest Classic whitening strips from ebay a while ago from an American seller as you can only get them in America, i've seen a lot of people blog about them. I got mine for £14 and that was for 28 of them. 

I've always hated my teeth and how un-white they were, I don't drink a lot of tea or coffee and I don't smoke so I get so annoyed at my teeth, these did help a little bit in making my teeth whiter, but it felt as if after a few days it just faded away, the strips were also so uncomfortable! 

So I just wanted to know of any good whitening strips or other products or even if anyone can recommend a good reasonably priced place to get them done professionally! 


Paige xoxo

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