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Dove hair therapy daily treatment conditioner review.

17 July 2012

I put my hair through quite a lot, from dying it once very six weeks, using a lot of heat products and using large amounts of hairspray I do get my hair cut every 6-8 however doing all of this leaves my hair quite dry from time to time so I do use a lot of deep conditioning treatments and hair masks. I love the normal dove shampoo and conditioner as it always leaves my hair smelling so nice and soft for days, so when I saw this product for £1.92 in tesco I had to try it!

The product is for extra dry&frizzy hair that claims to instantly nourish and smooth the hair using a special dual action formula that contains a gold stripe to nourish and repair the hair and a white stripe to condition and seal in the nourishment. You're supposed to use this as a normal conditioner daily and leave on for one minuet, however my hairs condition wasn't that bad so I've used the product once but I did leave it on for 10minuets.

I applied the thick solution on my hair and left it in for 10 minuets whilst I was in the bath and then washed off as normal, without even drying my hair I could see a difference just by brushing my hair, once I had dried my hair I could see a huge difference my hair felt so much softer and had a lovely shine to it. Its not the best deep conditioner i've used however for a high street one I would highly recommend it if you don't want to spend to much money as it does exactly what its supposed too. 

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