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Enrapture totem styler review.

25 July 2012

You may have seen that I said I got this in my recent Face Of The Day post, well i've been playing with it ever since and I must say like the rest of the blogging world I absolutely love it! I'm sure  you've all seen a million of these posts already but I just wanted to give my opinion on it!

As you can see it has a control thats split in to three different parts, this allows you to have three different sections of the barrel at different heats allowing you to achieve different effects with the different number combinations that you chose, for example having it set to 3-3-3 will mean it will be at its hottest allowing a tight curl, my favorite its 1-1-3 allowing me to have a very lose curl at the end of my hair, however having mid length hair this does not work as well as i've seen it on others with longer hair.

Another thing I love abut this styler is how long the hair lasts, obviously this is going to differ on everyones hair but I have quite thick hair and can curl it the night before and go to bed and for it to still be almost exactly the same in the morning, I just have to curl a few other bits! Looking at the other products from the range I would love to try the heated rollers as well as i've seen such good things about them too!

the product rangers from about £50-£80 depending on where and when you get it, I got mine in boots for £49.99 down from £75.00 it may seem slightly expensive for a curler but with all the different styles you can achieve I think its defiantly worth the money.

This is my hair using 1-1-3

Have you tried this product or anything else from the range if so what did you think of it?

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