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Katy Perry for Eylure Cool Kitty reveiw

18 July 2012

A few weeks ago the Katy Perry lashes were three for two in boots so I had to try them, I got two pairs of the Cool Kitty ones and one pair of the Oh Honey ones. My plan was to blog about both, however I wore the Oh Honey pair on a night out when I went to bright with a few friends and completely forgot to photograph them- oops. 

As you can see the lashes are quite thick and spiky, not something I would usually go for, however they looked fantastic on! You could tell I had lashes on but they were still quite natural to an extent, not like some of the huge lashes i've seen about. There is another pair from the line that are much thicker and longer than this that would be seen as more of a party lash. However for me who doesn't like to go over the top these were my perfect lashes! 

In the image above you can see that the lashes are quite a nice length as they are not to dramatic, and you can also see the images below where I just have the lashes on they look quite natural and nice, however when I wore them out I did have on some eyeliner with a flick at the end that gave me a more dramatic eye and this worked well too!

As I said before I got these in a three for two in boots but if you wanted to try all four pairs you can get them here from ASOS for £22, saving you 12%.

Hope you liked the post, what are your favorite day time or night time lashes, I think my favorite day time lashes are Eylure 101's or 107's

Paige xoxo 

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