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Makeup Storage.

17 July 2012

For some time now my make up collection has been getting larger at a fast speed, due to this i've got box's and makeup bags everywhere making it hard to remember where what makeup is. I've recently been looking into makeup storage solutions when a friend told me about muji.eu, where they sell a selection of acrylic organizers at reasonable prices.

I chose the two draw acrylic storage unit with a flip top lid for £8.50 that you can get here however when it came it was much smaller than I thought and didn't fit half of my makeup in so I think i'm going to order the larger one and sit it underneath this one. Despite it not fitting all of my makeup in its still a great help as its got such easy access to all of my makeup and it looks lovely on my dresser.

The draws have most of my lipsticks, glosses, mascaras, highlighters and blushers in and a few other things such as lash glue, eyeliner and lip balm and its all easy to get to. On top I have my foundations as I like to keep them  upright and then lipsticks that I use daily and my face powder and HD brow kit as I use them everyday and they didn't fit in the draws. I also got the acrylic pen pot for £1.95 that you can get here so that I could keep my brushes in, this also sits on the top as its easy to get too.

Over all I think this is such a good solution for makeup storage because its so simple yet it looks nice and is just so easy to find everything however I would order the bigger one next time!

Paige xoxo

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