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Nails Inc Tate Review

19 July 2012

I recently received a few nails inc polishes as a gift from my cousin, i'm a nail varnish lover so it was so lovely of him to add to my collection. Out of the three shades that I receive this has to be my favorite one, it was from House Of Fraser and I think it was about £11.

The shade is quite a deep red compared to other reds I usually wear however I loved it, it just looked so smart and sophisticated! The nail polish was such a good formula within one coat the colour was so strong and vibrant however I do have two coats on as i'm awful at painting nails and missed a few bits. It dried in a matter of seconds and was so even and had no streaks, it was a perfect application! I must say that this has to be my favorite nail polish I have at the moment- not very summery I know, but can you blame me with the weather were having?!  

As for my nails these are the Kiss short square false nails that come in a packet of 100, I picked these up in boots for about £5-£6 I think, however i've had to file them down quite a bit as they were still quite long, but I love these nails, my nails are about the same length but are just so thin they break so easily!

Paige xoxo 

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