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Real Techniques Stippling Brush

26 July 2012

Sorry about the lack of images, I still don't have my iMac back from the apple store so i'm unable to upload the images I had of my own brush.

Like other bloggers i've heard a lot about this brush and it was so cheap I had to try it, the brush itself is so soft and feels great on your skin. It also picks up just the right amount of foundation, you apply your foundation in a stippling motion in order to give you an airbrushed effect, this works so well however it does get boring once you've done half of our face. Once i've used the brush in a stippling motion I tend to buff over my face giving my foundation such a smooth and even finish. I got my brush from boots for £11.99 for a brush of this quality I think its fantastic value.

I've seen a lot about the buffing brush from the core collection so I think that will defiantly be my next buy!

Have you tried these brushes, whats your favourite?

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