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Ren Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel review.

08 August 2012

I've seen so much about REN products on the blogger would and I've hard a lot of good things and very little bad things, so I thought it was about time that I got myself something to try out. At the time I ordered this I had ran out of Cleanser but had draws full of toners and moisturisers so I felt that this product would be best for me to try! Plus it was only £17

I tend to take my makeup off with a makeup wipe first to get rid of the most of it and then cleanse, with this you rub it in to your skin allowing it to foam up and clean deep down into your pores allowing all traces of dirt to be lifted and then simply wash off with warm water and dry with a towel. The whole process takes roughly three minuets and gives such good results. Its so quick and simple and I love this about the product as I don't mind coming in after a night out and taking my makeup off with this as I know i'll be left with good results. 

The formula is quite thick and clean but once you had rubbed in to your skin it foams up quite a lot, you only need one pump to give your whole face a good cleanse and I thought that that was good you get 150ml in the tube so its going to last quite long. I think the product has a good value for money and does such a great simple job! One i've done this I moisturise and then go to bed!

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