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How to get soft lips.

09 September 2012

I've always had such dry chapped lips since I was young and have always suffered with cold sores and I find it so annoying so I thought I would share a few tips with you on how I get my lips looking slightly normal!

Step 1- Every day I take L-lysine that is a dietary supplement that is also used to help heal and prevent cold sores. It was sent over from Hong Kong by a relative who swears by it. By taking it everyday it is supposed to prevent you getting a cold sore or by taking it when you have one helps speed up the recovery of it.


Step 2- Every few nights I get a sugar cube and put a small amount of vaseline on it and use it as a lip scrub, you can buy sugar scrubs to do this but this is such a great alternative. It works like an exfoliater by removing the majority of the dead skin on your lips leaving them very soft. 

Step 3- Every night i apply a lot of Vaseline on my lips and around them so that they are hydrated all night, when I wake up my lips are always left feeling super soft and chap free. Throughout the day I always apply lip balms and try to use moisturising lipsticks! 

Hope this helps! 


  1. I also get really chapped lips and I always need to have a lipbalm in my bag! I'm actually just about to run out of my Lush lip scrub so thank you for this DIY approach!

    Morag x

    1. I love the lush lip scrub too, I ran out and didn't have a lush near by so thats why I did this!

      Glad to help x

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