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MAC Russian Red

29 July 2013

 I'm a great lover of red lipsticks its very rare that I go for a different colour, i'm also like most a lover of MAC lipsticks I just love the quality of them and the great range of colours they have. After swathing a good twenty lipsticks at my local mac counter I left with two new lipsticks, Russian Red being one of them.

Russian Red is a matte finish lipstick that is highly pigmented, i've found that out of all of my red lipsticks this has given me the best colour, its a very bright red that stands out yet isn't to over whelming like other lipsticks i've tried before.

The formula of the lipstick is quite creamy for a matte lipstick and it glides on the lips quite easily, I find it easy enough to put straight on theres no need to use a lipstick brush. I thought the staying power of this was incredible I usually only have to re-apply once throughout my day just because its worn off in some places and the colour may have faded slightly.

When applying the lipstick I tend to put on some lip balm before hand because like most matte lipsticks they cling to any dry patches you may have on your lips. I also like to exfoliate my lips before hand with the lush bubblegum lip scrub. The only downside I found about this lipstick is that it drys my lips out quite a lot through out the day. However I find this with most matte lipsticks and its fine once i've applied a small bit of lip balm.

Whats your favourite mac lipstick? 

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