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NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Reveiw

28 July 2013

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse is a multi use dry oil that can be used for face, body and hair. The aim of this oil is to repair and soften your face body and hair in one single step and 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin. 

I've been using this product on my face daily for the past couple of weeks, I suffer from dry skin especially around my nose, the first night I used this there was a dramatic difference in the feel os my skin, it was much softer. After using the product all over my face for a couple of weeks i've found that the dry patches of skin that I had have either completely gone or greatly reduced.

The main reason I wanted to use this product was for my face, but as it was a multi purpose oil I also gave it a try on my hair, I applied the oil to the ends of my hair before drying one a week for the past couple of weeks and once again i'm really happy with this product. The ends of my hair felt so much better and it really reduced the look of my dead ends.

The smell of the NUXE is such a lovely sent to, the consistence of the oil is nice too it isn't to thick like other oils i've tried. The packaging is simple yet effective. I would highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from dry skin and for those with died hair like me, as I find it really helped the ends of my hair look much healthier.

You can buy online from https://uk.nuxe.com for £28.00 for 100ml

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