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Soap And Glory Archery Review

30 July 2013

I spend a lot of time when it comes to my eyebrows and I've always been a power girl, with my trusty HD brow pallet. I'm not sure why but i've always steered clear of eyebrow pencils as I always picture heavily drawn on black eyebrows.

However I was running low on my HD brow pallet and theres nowhere near by that I could buy it from, so I went in to boots and my friend Amy suggested buying the Soap and glory eyebrow pencil after reading a good review on it.

Its a doubled ended brow tint and precision shaping pencil, at one end a liquid tint that allows you to tint the hairs and at the other a small pencil in a natural shade. I don't tend to use the liquid tint as i didn't think it did much for me and it dried up really easy which was a huge downside to the pencil. However the pencil itself is wonderful, as its so small and light its easy to use without going over the top and allows you to build a darker colour if you wish.

After using this I am no longer scared of brow pencil and think I may even like it more than my HD brown pallet, which I thought I would never say!

What do you prefer a powder or a pencil?

Soap and Glory Archery is available at boots for £10


  1. I absolutely love love love Elemis treatments! The products are always so beautiful and you get visible results.

    1. Oh thank you, i'll have a look at them :) x