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Bioderma Review

22 August 2013

Although I posted yesterday saying I wouldn't be posting before I came home from Reading I wrote this out before I went to bed and scheduled it for tomorrow, so when you're reading this i'll probably be at Reading- yay.

After my Baby Lips review on Wednesday I thought I would write about another product that everyone seems to love, and to see if its been to hyped up or not! As you probably all know Bioderma is a French brand which is quite hard- getting easier to get hold of in the UK. I picked these two bottles up when I was in Hong Kong!

The most popular of the two is the Bioderma Crealine H20- the clear liquid. The product is a micellar water meaning it has particles of oil in it. This is the more sensitive off the two as its used for eye makeup too, I found that it took makeup off so gently and easily only using one or two cotton pads. It really does make the removal of makeup so effortless I've found that it even removes stubborn eye makeup with out hurting my super sensitive eyes which is quite a hard task

The other bottle, the blue liquid Bioderma Sebium is for oily skin, although I tend to have good skin most of the time sometimes I do find it to get a little oily, and when it does I use this. With that being said I've not found it to be much different to the normal Bioderma, other than its not as gentle and hurts my eyes a little which means I have to use a separate cleanser for my eyes!

I must say I think that the Bioderma Creline H20 is worth they hype, although it can be quite pricy and hard to get hold of its defiantly worth it! I absolutely love it!

Have you tried any products by Bioderma, what did you like?

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