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Herbal Essences Bee Strong Intensive Mask Review.

07 August 2013

I've always been quite fond of Herbal Essences shampoos, and i'm quite fussy and i've always been a lover of their hair masks! I think for an affordable high street brand they are such good quality. When I saw the new Bee Strong range advertised in a magazine a while ago I made sure I picked up a few up when I went to Tesco.

Firstly the mask smells divine, with honey and apricot extracts they two mix so well together and leave your hair smelling lovely for a couple of days! "On the moisture mend? Tackle dryness and combing damage and say hello ti silky0strong locks. This rich moisturising mask helps repair sings of combing damages from root to tip." As i've mentioned in a previous post my hair gets quite dry and damaged through dying it too much.

The product is really thick but goes along way, I didn't have to use much to cover all of my hair, unlike other hair masks where I take handfuls at a time! Most hair masks i've tried usually recommend you to leave it on for 5-10 minuets however with this mask you're recommended to "work from root to tip while you're in the shower. rinse and feel silky." I thought this was quite good for people that are in more of a rush, the first time I used this I left it on whilst in the bath for about 10 minuets. The second time I used it I did as instructed above whilst having a quick shower, and the results where the same.

Once  my hair was dried it was left silky and smooth, smelling absolutely fantastic and there looked to be no signs of damage to my hair what so ever! I was so impressed with the product, its priced at about £4.50, however at the minuet in Tesco its half price for £2.19 until the 26th of August.

Have you used anything from the Bee Strong range, what did you like?

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