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Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream Review.

13 August 2013

Another hair care review, I feel like all I have at the minuet is either lipstick reviews or hair products! I don't want to start boring you all I was thinking about doing a post tomorrow on my trip to Hong Kong last month would that interest anyone? Or maybe just an outfit post i've not done one in a very long time.

Anyhow, back to this review this was the other product I picked up from the Herbal Essences Bee Strong range. This time a leave in strengthening cream for damaged hair, as i've said before I do dye my hair a little too much so I do tent to go for products aimed towards damaged hair. "Treat your tresses to a dose of nourishment. This thick 'n creamy formula goes on smooth and helps protect hair from combing damage. giving you the silky strong hair you always wanted."

The product is in a spray bottle which sprays out a quite thick formula which I found weird, compared to normal sprays which are usually the consistency of water. I only needed a few sprays to get a good amount of product that was a sufficient amount for my hair, i've always been a bit funny with leave in products thinking they may leave my hair feeling a little greasy so I try not to use loads. I put this product in my hair after washing and conditioning and then dried and straightened.

As I said about the other Bee Strong product the smell is absolutely divine and once again it left my hair feeling lovely and smooth and the ends looked much healthier than beforehand, however it did leave my hair feeling a little bit greasy straight after washing it which wasn't great but like I said, a lot of leave in products do this to my hair! I didn't find this to be as beneficial to my hair as the hair mask I tried out too, however as a quick and easy product it did work quite well!

I picked this up from Tesco, its currently half price at £2.19!


  1. i love herbal essences but we dont have it in the shops anymore :((

    1. I really love there hair masks and products like this! Oh thats such a shame!!