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Maybelline Baby Lips Review

20 August 2013

After hearing so much about this product of course the like rest of you I wanted to try these out! When I was in Hong Kong a few months ago I actually managed to grab myself one before they hit the UK however my awful packing meant that I left it in Hong Kong.

I've seen so many people tweeting saying that there local boots was out of stock, and so was mine however I was leaving work last week and they actually had three of the shades, which were on offer for two for £5 so if you can't find these have a look in your local Tesco.

The three shades I grabbed were 'Pink Punch', 'Cherry Me' and the clear option, 'Hydrate'. The two of the tinted balms are not very pigmented meaning you get a very subtle colour, the lip balms do as other lip balms do and hydrate your lips leaving them soft, however I don't think you quite get 8 hour moisture like the packaging states.

Pink punch, Cherry Me.

For a drugstore lip balm I do think there a good product they leave your lips feeling soft, give a little colour, smell and taste great they also have super cute packaging! I do think there a great product just to have in your bag for when your lips get dry throughout the day. However I don't think there something you need at the end of the day they are just a normal lip balm and I don't think there with the hype!

Have you tried them yet, what did you think?

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