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Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick Review

12 August 2013

I picked up a few of these lipsticks when I was in boots a while ago to try out. I picked up three shades to start with 510 Non-Stop red, as i've said before I love a red lip so obviously had to pick at least one red up. Then I went for 150 On and on pink and 160 Infinitely fuchsia.

The packaging of the lipstick is really lovely, its simple and quite slim meaning there easy to carry around in your make-up bag and don't take up much room! The lipsticks themselves are also great they pointed shape of them make it really easy to apply without making any mistakes. 

These are the two pink shades I picked up, on the right- 150 and 160 on the left. As you can see from the swatches above the two shades are quite different. 150 is a light pink which has a frosting over it, where as 160 is a very strong bright pink. 

Above is shade 510, shown next to both of the pink shades. Its quite a bright red like most of my red lipsticks it is quite a classic shade. Now on to the formula, like most lasting lipsticks they are a matte finish, when applying it can be quite tough especially on dry lips. I highly recommend exfoliating lips and applying a balm before hand. 

The staying power of these lipsticks isn't quite 14hours which didn't surprise me, but they did last a long time! I wore both 160 and 510 on two different days and they lasted from the morning I left the house until I came home in the evening. The shade 150 although matte it isn't as matte as the other to due to the sheen in the lipstick, this means its doesn't last as long as the other two however for a lipstick of this formula it still lasts quite a long time.



510- before I left the house

510- when I came home

Over all i'm super happy with these lipsticks, the colours and finish is great and the lasting power is fantastic. There priced at £6.99 in boots and are currently 3 for 2.

Have you tried any of the Super Stay Lipsticks, what shades do you like?

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