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My bedroom.

29 August 2013

I got home from Reading Festival on Monday, it was so much fun but very tiering too and made me very run down and ill! Since i've been back i've been busy with some design work for a family wedding- which is why I have't posted but I thought today I would do something a little different and do a post on my fairly newly decorated bedroom as I love watching room
tours so I thought I would show you a bit of my room!

On the back of my door I hang a few of my everyday bags on some hooks, this makes it so much easier to find and pick a bag for the day. On the wall behind my door I have a cute floral bird coat hook which has three hooks on it, I use this to hand up my head bands and some times my hat- if it fits. I got the bird hanger from Wilkinsons for about £5.

I have these shelves next to my wardrobe which I hope to replace with a set of box shelves from Ikea, however they are really good because they store a lot! I have my cotton balls, pads and nail varnishes in those cute glass gars which were from Matalan a few books, my perfumes and lipsticks- draws were from Muji, and then some of my nicer bags on show.

I have two sets of draws which on top I have a necklace holder and some candles, the necklace holder is really old now I think I got it from Matalan too! I then I have my IMac and a little pen pot on the draws next to that! Oh, and my wallpaper if from Laura Ashley they do it in other colours too!

My bedding is from Tesco, all of my cushions are from pound stretcher, my pug cushions and curtains are from primark, the photo frames are from Urbann Outfittes and the mirror from pound stretchers too! My really cute Mini Mouse is from Hong Kong Disney land! 

I'm so happy with how my room has come out its the exact colour scheme and style that I love, however its still not finished i'm hoping to get some new white furniture as I think it would look so much better!

Do any of my readers have room tours or room posts, I really love reading them?

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