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Rimmel Apocalips Review

06 August 2013

I picked up two of the Rimmel Apocalips a few months back when they first came out but completely forgot about them! So i've been giving them a try for the past few weeks.

These lip lacquers come in 8 different shades that range from nude, pink to bright red giving you a lot of choice. I picked up Big Bang which was a bright red and Nova which is medium pink. The product itself is very good for a drugstore brand, the formula is very creamy and opaque whilst the applicator is designed with a little well which stores the product allowing you to apply the product with only on go.

The lip lacqures are a satin finish but it dries quite matte, which means that the product can get a bit dry after a while, but I just either top up with the colour or apply a little lip balm to solve this problem! I've found that they both stay on for hours, the red seams to last longer than the pink due to the brightness of it.

I overall think these are fantastic lip products and at only £5.99 each!

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