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A busy week!

29 September 2013

hello1 photo Hello1.jpg
I've not really had a lot of time this weekend to get a post up because i've had a really busy week- so I thought i'ld do an Instagram post of what i've been up too! Normal blogging will resume as of tomorrow, promise!

The Diner and a day of shopping with Charlie, More shopping with the uni girls, Finally fixed my camera- so more outfit posts, Showing off my new tartan dress, River Island beautiful paisley print- post coming soon, New Yankee candle.

Wedding preparations, The lovely table settings, Me and the most beautiful bride ever, Day after the wedding Nando's with a VERY hungry Charlie, Autumn look, A nice walk with Charlie and his doggys! 

paige1 photo Paige1.jpg


  1. Oo I'm lusting after so many Yankee candles at the moment! And your hair looks so lovely and I love the tartan print!


    1. Me too, I want every winter sent at the minuet! This one was actually on sale in my local Debenhams for about £12 because its a summer one I think, but it goes with my room so I grabbed it!

      Oh thank you so much! I'm loving tartan print a bit too much this year!!!
      Thanks for checking my blog out. I love your blog design x