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Garnier Body Tonic hydrating lotion and sugar scrub review.

20 September 2013

I picked up these two products in Tesco a couple of weeks ago, they were half price at £3.31 each- they still are if you want to grab them! I had ran out of both my Soap and Glory body scrub and body butter so I thought I would give something different a try.

The body lotion is a hydrating lotion that is 'firming' and claims to have smoother looking skin from 7 days, the lotion is enriched with seaweed extract to help reinforce and firm the skins surface. Its also enriched with photo-caffeine which is known for its stimulating properties to make skin feel firmer each day. You're directed to use the lotion 'whenever possible' so for me thats morning and night! 

The body tonic sugar scrub has an 'immediate smoothing effect'. The formula contains a mixture of sugar, exfoliating particles and natural fruit extract- apple (which also makes it smell delicious). This eliminates dead cells on the skin, removing impurities and leaving skin feeling soother and more toned. You're directed to use the scrub three times a week, so I do this three times a week in the shower.  

The lotion is like most others i've tried in its formula, as you can see in the photo below. It goes on really nice, it isn't to thick like some lotions and it actually drys pretty quickly- which I love as I can't stand waiting around to get dressed of a morning! I've been using this for just over a week and my skin does feel soft all  day which is good. However it doesn't feel like its any more firm- maybe its because I've not been using it for long enough, or maybe its a myth? I've never found a moisturiser that actually firms my skin, have you?

The sugar scrub isn't like anything else i've tried before, I was expecting it to be like an exfoliator with little exfoliating beads in it. It did have this but it also had sugar in it- I guess the name gave that away? It wasn't what I expected though it really felt like it was exfoliating you because of this. My skin felt so much smoother and softer after just one use and after continues use it just feels great! I've really enjoyed using this product!

Do you have any good body scrub and lotion recommendations?

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