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18 September 2013

Recently i've been on a little spending ban, since going to both Hong Kong and Reading Festival this summer I kind of over spent and had a lot of time off of work. However since being back i've been clocking in the over time and my student loan comes through next week so i've made a few wish lists- this is my beauty one!

1. As you know i've recently been trying out some eye shadows as I never really bothered with them before, I don't think I know a beauty blogger without on of the Naked Pallets my only problem is what one shall I start with 1, 2 or the basic pallet? Which do you all like best?

2. When I saw Hayley blog about Illamasqa Rich Liquid Foundation a while back and saw that it could even cover her tattoos I was intrigued to try it, I do need a new foundation and most of mine are medium coverage so I would like to try this as a high coverage for my bad skin days.  

3. I own a lot of lipsticks, probably more lipsticks than clothes now, however I don't own any Chanel lipsticks and theres just something about them that makes me weak at the knees- maybe it is the beautiful packaging or maybe all the good things i've heard! I'm not sure!

4. I don't think i've ever heard a bad word about YSL's shocking mascara so i'm going to give this a whirl and see if it tops Benefit's They're real!

5. Once again, i've never heard a bad word about Bobbi Brows creamy concealer kit, I need a good concealer for my blemishes as I've got loads of under eye concealers but nothing else!

6. I love, love, love Benefits boxed blushers- coralista being my all time favourite blusher so when this new blusher came out a few weeks ago I knew it had to be mine!

I love looking a wish lists, have you got any for me to look at to add to my list?

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