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Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara Review

13 September 2013

I picked this up in boots a while ago for £4.99, I usually use Benefit Speed Brow which is priced at £13.00 and I think its the best thing i've ever done! I absolutely love this product, I actually think its a lot better than the Benefit Speed Brow.

 My eyebrows always look messy in the mornings before I comb them and throughout the day they tend to  go back to how they look in the mornings! When I first got this product I brushed it over my brows in the mornings and then filled them in, however it sets quite quick and made this hard. So now I comb my brows, fill them in and then go over them with the Brow Drama Sculpting Gel.

The brush is such a great design with the bigger ball catching all of the finer hairs on the large part of your brow, and the smaller end of the brush lets you get a defined look with the rest of your brows. The formula is great, like I said above it sets really quick and it holds all day- kid of like hair spray for your brows.

The product comes in three shades, deep blonde (which I chose), Medium brown and dark brown. I think got £4.99 I think this is a fantastic product, it does so exactly the same as the Benefit one but in my opinion better!

Have you tried this yet?

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