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Maybelline dream smooth primer review

24 September 2013

Another primer review, I know. I just can't help but buy them! Personally I think a primer is one of the most important steps of your daily makeup routine, it just kind of sets your skin up and makes your makeup look 10x better?

On yet another trip to boots a few days ago I picked this little pot up on a whim, as its from the same family of the 'dream matt moose foundation' which I can not stand. So with that being said I had very little hope that this would be any good, but boy was I wrong! 

This little primer is quite a strange formula, it kind of feels like a gel but it feels really soft (I think you would have to feel it to understand that!) It looks like a clear primer but in some lights it has a bit of a pink tint to it, however you can't see this when you apply it to the skin.

In boots it's priced at £8.99 which at first I thought was good, but then thought it was quite a small pot with only 7ml of product in it. However after my first use I discovered that you only need the tinniest bit to cover your whole face which is really good.

Like it says on the pot, the application is like a dream it goes on so smoothly on your skin and imminently gives you a smooth and soft surface to apply the rest of your makeup on to. I have a lot of trouble with my pores always looking really big and horrible with makeup on, this doesn't make that totally disappear but it does reduce this by a lot.

Overall I just think this really makes your skin feel lovely and makes the application of makeup a lot more enjoyable!

Do you have anymore primers I could try?

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