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Maybelline The Eraser Eye concealer Review

09 September 2013

I was in boots a week or so ago and I saw this little concealer which I thought looked interesting with its sponge applicator. I do love a good concealer so I tend to try out new ones quite often so I picked this one up in the shade 'Light' for £7.99.

Firstly, I wasn't to keen on the sponge applicator due to the lack of hygiene, however it actually did apply quite nicely you don't get to much product comming out and the size of the sponge fits perfectly under the eye.

I found that you got quite a good coverage however the product wasn't to heavy or cakey under the eye which I have found with a few of my under eye concealers. I found this quite easy to just blend in with my fingers and it looked fantastic and brightened the area up too!

Overall I was really impressed and happy with the product, it did exactly what I wanted and isn't too expensive- I would highly recommend you trying this one out!

Has anyone else tried this?


  1. I haven't tried it before, but after reading this I might give it a go! It's so hard to find a decent concealer. x


    1. You should 100% try it, i'm really happy with it!
      Thanks for checking out my blog