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My Skin Care Routine.

22 September 2013

I'm quite lucky with my skin as its its quite good other than getting the odd spot here and there its usually okay. They only thing I suffer with is blackheads on my nose which I've tried everything to get rid off but there still here- so if you've got any help for this i'ld love to hear it. Thanks in advance.

I thought I would show you my daily skincare routine, its quite simple and pretty boring really and its the same day and night. I don't really like to use to many different products because I do have slightly sensitive skin so I don't want to set it off!

There's just six products in my whole routine!

I use Bioderma as my first step on a cotton pad, I use it in the morning to just wipe over my face to gently clean it, of an evening I use it to remove the majority of my makeup before giving my face a good clean. I follow this up by using the Simple pore minimising (which I need) toning cleanser, I use this to cleanse my face to get rid of any makeup thats still there but its also a toner. The reason I use simple is because its 'Kind to skin' and I know that its good for my sensitive skin! 

My next step is moisturising, I use the Olay double action sensitive day cream in the mornings after doing the above, this obviously moisturises my skin so that its all nice and soft before I put my makeup on. Of a night I use the Olay rouble action sensitive night cream, I really like these moisturisers they keep my skin feeling really nice and soft and there a sensitive skin product. I've got the NUXE Huile Prodigieues face oil. I use this once a week just to really hydrate my skin as it leaves it feeling super soft  but as its an oil if I use it too much my skin goes quite oily! 

When i'm in the shower in the evening I use a face scrub just to clean out my pores after a day of being out and about, it cleans deeply into my pores getting all the dirt out- preventing and helping get rid of my black heads. I change this up all the time but at the minuet i'm using the Neutrogenar Visibly Clear pink grapefruit daily scrub.

Do you have any posts on your skin care routine, I would love to see it? 

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