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Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer Review

10 September 2013

I'm always on the look out for a new primer i've tried so many but nothing ever matches up the The Porefessional claps for you Benefit. Fix & Perfect claims to have 5 in 1 results, the primer should Smooth, Resurface, Brighten, Mattifie and Protect, all of that for £6.99?

The product looks and feels like a normal moisturiser, so at first I was feeling pretty pessimistic however I was surprised. The product went on my skin like a dream and smoothed my skin, giving me a great base for my make up, with that said I guess it did 'Resurface' my skin but i think thats just the same as smoothing it?

I didn't think the product brightened my face at all, I didn't notice any difference there, which was good for me because I didn't really want an illuminating primer. It did mattiffie my foundation which I quite liked as I like quite a matte look! Finally its fifth claim, the product did protect my face it was quite a thick formula like I said above very much like a moisturiser and once I took all of my makeup off my skin felt great and it did feel like the base protected it.

Overall the primer matched up to 4/5 claims, which was quite good I guess! I am really happy with the product as a whole it did what I wanted it to do once again it didn't match up to the Porefessional- but for £6.99 for 30ml I didn't expect it too.

Do you recommend any primers?

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  1. Oh wow ive never tried a HS primer before. It sounds great, i like that it illuminates the skin too.

    Liza | Glambeautys