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Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper Review

26 September 2013

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I tend to have quite good skin- most of the time! However I always get one or two huge spots just before i've got an event, going to a party, my birthday etc etc- how lucky am I? On Friday i'm a bridesmaid at a wedding so on Sunday morning, of course I woke up with two huge spots- and a cold sore, double whammy for me there!

 I actually picked up the Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper a few months ago in Tesco, and luckily haven't had to use it until now. The spot 'zapper' has 4 spot fighting ingredients, 1 natural ingredients and 0 perfumes or colours which mean that its kind to skin! Which is exactly what you need when you have a spot.

The tube does say 'Zaps spots in 4 hours' it did reduce my spot but not that quick. Its now Thursday so i've been using it as often as I can remember for five day and both of my spots have almost gone! I was impressed with the product because after a day or two my spots went down dramatically in size which they usually wouldn't but after that they still took quite a while to go down some more until almost gone  five days later.

The application of the 'Spot Zapper' isn't very hygienic as its a roll on which means all the germs from your spot could get contaminated with the roll on. The formula was a cool gel/liquid which was good and it didn't sting or hurt at all! You just apply straight to the spot as often as you want!

Over all I thought the product was quite good as it was inexpensive at around £5

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