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Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review

27 September 2013

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I wrote this post out last night and scheduled it for today as i'm at my cousins wedding all day tomorrow which i'm a bridesmaid for. Yay! So hopefully i'll be doing a post on that later in the week with my hair, make up, dress, wedding stuff etc etc!

I'm such a fan of Soap and Glory products, I think its a mix of their great packaging, 'puny' names and great products that make them so loveable! Kick Ass Concealer is a three step concealer that has an under eye concealer to get rid of those nasty dark circles, a concealer for any blemishes and to top it off a setting powder- all for £10. Yep, thats right- £10.

Taking away from the amazing packaging the product isn' too bad either! With its super creamy consistence it goes on skin like a dream, yet still manages to cover all of you're tiny or not so tiny blemishes! I've got mine in the shade 'light' which is perfect for my pale skin tone. The only downside to the product is that it comes in two shades, 'light' and 'medium' so its not so great for you girls with darker skin!

Step three is a transparent setting powder- used to set the concealer so avoid creasing under the eye, and wearing off on top of blemishes. This really does help the staying power of the concealer and sets it really nicely! You get a little powder puff included, but I like to use the Real Techniques setting brush for this! 

Have you tried many soap and glory make up products? 

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