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Whats in my bag, university edition!

30 September 2013

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I'm finally going back to University tomorrow, after what feels like the longest summer ever! I was getting all of my bits and pieces together as i'm super organised and I thought I should do a Whats in my bag post. I absolutely love these posts so thought I might as well do one myself!

I tend to swap bags quite frequently depending on what I'm wearing and I always tend to have quite big bags for uni too! I always have an umbrella with me, because well I live in England- enough said. Then I take an A4 note pad mines from the Martha Stewart range for Staples to write some notes in, I take my iPad with me because its small and easier than my MacBook (I bring this in if i've got a design lesson) I then have a little journal which I use for my blog which is also from the Martha Stewart range. My pencil case- which i need to change as this is far to big! My iPod and a portable phone charger!

My eyes constantly water so I always have one or two packets of tissue with me, my student card obviously and as I get the train to uni I have my train ticket holder which has my oyster card, a train time table and my rail card in it! Oh and of course normally my train ticket!

I don't tend to carry around a huge makeup bag with me when i'm going to uni as I really can't be bothered but I have this little pug makeup bag from Next which I put my antibacterial hand wash, hand cream, lip balm, headache tables, hair grips, plasters and my memory stick in. I tend to chuck maybe a concealer and what ever lipstick i'm wearing that day in it too!

Do you have any whats in my bag posts, I'ld love to see them?

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