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Barry M Lip Gloss Review and Swatches.

02 October 2013

I wanted to pick up a couple of new lipgloss' as i've got hundreds of lipstick's but only a few gloss'! So I picked up two of the Barry M ones, I had a pink glittery one when I was at school so and loved it so I wanted to see if I still loved it!

I grabbed two shades, 11 and 12. Shade 11 in the tube is quite a barbie pink shade but on the lips it doesn't come out quite so pink or bright, it looks quite natural a little bit like a 'my lips but better' shade. Shade 12 in the tube is a brighter pink but a little bit orangey, but not quite coral! ha. When on the lips it just looks like a pink lipgloss. Both the colours are really nice, however they look really different on the lips than in the tube- so be aware of that!

(Top-11, Bottom-12)

There a really nice formula, really glossy, quite pigmented for a gloss and not sticky at all- which is great! The staying power wasn't fantastic, it lasted about an hour before I had to re-apply which I do find with a lot of glosses so I wasn't to sup prised!

(Above is Shade 12)

(Above is shade 11)

Overall I really like these lipgloss' and they were only  around the £4 mark, so I think i'll be grabbing a few more!

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